Targeted advertising to your exact demographic, maximizing results and engagements with extreme efficiency

Targeted Advertising

Using targeted advertising on websites such as Facebook, we have the ability to run campaigns to target your specific demographic in a way that maximizes the results desired for a certain objective. The desired objective may be to increase brand awareness, bring traffic to your website, drive engagements, make a sale, etc. These campaign objectives are put in place as steps in your sales funnel. A sales funnel is the path a potential customer takes to conversion, or becoming a customer. Simplified, sales funnels have four basic parts:


When you choose us to run your digital advertising campaigns, we will create and put every step of your sales funnel into effect for you. We will also improve the efficiency of your sales funnel by retargeting users that visit your site and interact with your pages, optimizing every part of your online marketing ecosystem.

PPC & PPM Advertising

PPC (pay per click) and PPM (pay per impressions) are the two most common types of digital advertising methods. With these two options, you only pay when your ad is clicked or shown to somebody. These are far more efficient than traditional advertising means. For example, a business may spend hundreds of dollars creating postcards and delivering them to a few hundred houses, and have no idea who's receiving their advertisements. Modern day, you can spend just a few dollars and reach well over a thousand people that have been selected to fit your specific demographic and are most likely to interact with your brand.